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The Truth about Emissions and Wood Burning Stoves

At Surrey Woodburners we care about the environment in which we live.
We offer our customers the assurance that the stove they purchase from us will meet all the current UK standards on emissions and in most cases, the new European Standard, Ecodesign, which comes into effect in 2022.

Use of poor fuels, open fires and old wood burning stoves have all contributed to our pollution problem – so it is of paramount importance to use dry wood and a modern stove.

“Well seasoned wood is a must” says Charles Cavaliero of Surrey Woodburners. “We offer our customers a list of recommended local log suppliers and we also recommend a moisture metre be part of their stove kit if collecting their own wood. Remember…. wood which is damp or poorly seasoned will burn slowly, produce more smoke resulting in harmful emissions!

We’re proud to supply our customers with the very best selection of modern, technically advanced highly efficient wood burners. With our help and the availability of well manufactured stoves together we can continue to improve the atmosphere and provide warmth and comfort to homes for years to come!