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What size stove will I need?

The size and output of your stove will of course depend on the size of your room and how well the room is insulated. (double glazing, underfloor heating etc).   Most stove manufacturers will quote heat output in Kilowatts (Kw).   To calculate the Kilowatt output needed for your room is to measure your room in metres then use this formula.

length x width x height. This will give you the cubic meterage, then divide by 14 to give you the KW output required

How much wood will I need?

From our experience one 5 kw stove heating a room for a winter season will use about 2 loads of good seasoned wood (this year a load is around £90 – £120) The better the quality of wood the less you will use and of course how much you use will also depend on the length of the season!  If using a multi fuel stove the amount of wood used will depend on the amount of coal used.

Which are the best logs to burn in our wood burner?

The best logs to use are kiln dried or at least seasoned for one year.  Logs with a moisture content of more than 20% produce more smoke, less heat and will tar up the glass and flue. At Surrey Woodburners we help our customers avoid this problem and give a free moisture metre in their starter pack

Hardwoods are best such as Ash, Beech, Birch, poplar, Oak, Elm. (link to list what woods to burn attached copy). Contact us for a list of local surrey log suppliers 01483 727534.

How often should I sweep my chimney/multifuel chimney liner?

Once a year is the norm but this depends on how often you use your stove.

What coal do I burn on my multi fuel stove?

Smokeless cubed fuel known as Anthracite

How do I clean the glass to my wood burning stove?

Branded glass cleaners can be used or a little tip is to dampen a cloth with water or vinegar and then use a little ash from the pan as the abrasive …works a treat!

Can I connect my stove to a central heating system?

Many stoves have the option of a back boiler; this can provide hot water or link into a central heating circuit to distribute the heat around the house. There are a lot of safety implications with this sort of system and it is very important to use a good plumber or heating engineer with experience in this form of heating.

I do not have a chimney can I still have a wood burning stove?

Yes, but you will need to install an insulated twin wall chimney system.   There are generally two options for this:

  1. The easiest and less expensive option is to take the flue pipe from the top of the stove through the outside wall then up the side of the house to a metre above the gutter.
  2. From the top of the stove the flue system will go vertically up through the ceiling then carried on up through bedroom and attic above and out through the roof
Are wood burning stoves going to be banned?

No!   New government regulations are coming into force in  2022  which  mean that only very efficient stoves (Eco Design ready stoves) will be allowed to be fitted.  These stoves are 55% more efficient than the current DEFRA stoves.  Surrey Woodburners are already installing stoves that meet the new guidelines.   If you already have a stove fitted which is not 2022 compliant you will NOT be required to replace it.

Wood-only or Multi-fuel?

Wood only stoves are designed to burn only wood, whilst multi-fuel stoves can burn both wood and smokeless fuels such as anthracite at the same. The advantage of burning anthracite is that it burns hotter and longer than wood.

There are several stove manufacturers now producing stoves which can burn both wood or wood and coal.  They have a grate (and ash pan) which is usual for a multi fuel stove but this can be closed providing the perfect solid base to burn just logs.

Does my chimney need lining?

A manufacturer will always recommend that, for efficiency, a liner is fitted with their stove. A stainless-steel liner heats up quickly producing a draw which is needed to get the stove started and to keep the stove alight. You will use far less fuel warming up a stainless-steel chimney than you would an unlined brick chimney.  It is very difficult to sweep a chimney without a liner.  A liner will also prevent smoke leakage which is often a problem in older homes.

Can I install a wood-stove if I live in a “Smoke Control Area”?

Yes.  Currently a Defra Approved stove, or to give it the correct name, a Defra Smoke Exempt Appliance, is a wood burning stove which has been tested and passed the UK Government’s Department criteria for emission levels.

New regulations however come into force in 2022.   Ecodesign is the European-wide programme to lower emissions. It is due to come into force for stoves in the UK in 2022. SIA Ecodesign Ready stoves will meet the Ecodesign requirements and are available now. The PM emissions limit for Ecodesign is 55% lower than for DEFRA exempt stoves.

Which Are Best Steel Or Cast Iron Stoves?

There isn’t really a difference in heat output between a steel stove and a cast iron stove, just how it gives heat out – a cast iron stove will give out heat for longer after the fire has died down, although it will take longer to heat up.  A good cast iron is generally more expensive to buy but can be more decorative as each panel is cast separately.

What is a Convection Stove?

These stoves are becoming very popular especially in the free standing environments. A convection stove has a double layer built on each side which naturally allows the hot air to rise and escape into the room. The other great advantage of this double layer is that it means the distance to combustibles (ie the distance behind the stove) is greatly reduced to 100 – 150mm.

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